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Posted on 19th August 2015 in category Culture

I have just recently finished my internship here at The fresh Group and thought it would be good to share my experience with anyone else interested in the industry, fresh itself or undecided whether work experience is for them or not.

As opposed to others who’ve completed a year-long placement here, I completed a two day a week internship whilst continuing with my studies over a 6 week period. I’m a masters degree student at Manchester Metropolitan University studying for an MSc in Marketing and I previously completed my undergraduate degree at the same university in BA Business Management. My course covers all different parts of Marketing, but I particularly enjoy the online aspects which is why it appealed to me to join the digital team as a Digital Account Executive Intern here at fresh.

We all hear about the importance of gaining experience in order to secure a position within your chosen field of work. It’s the push and pull of requiring experience to gain a certain job but few organisations wanting to be the first to provide you with it, which is the first reason why I began searching for an internship. My head was full of knowledge but I had yet to apply this in the real world. In a world where so many now have degrees, it can be dog eat dog out there!

fresh particularly appealed to me due to the fact that it has lots of different teams under one roof who work on separate sections of a project but must constantly interact with each other. Right from joining the digital team, I never felt like an intern and was allowed to jump head first into tasks that an employed Digital Account Executive would complete, which was perfect for me as I love a challenge and keeping busy! My main roles consisted of creating content plans for clients, managing social media accounts and conducting research within the industry; all of which requires lots of writing which I love. My biggest learning curve is the thought that goes into each social media campaign, there’s a lot of planning and brainstorming required which I wasn’t previously aware of.

If anyone is considering completing an internship, then I would definitely recommend it. I can’t deny that juggling the internship alongside completing my master’s degree and continuing with my part-time job hasn’t been easy, but the skills and experiences I learnt in my 6 weeks have been undeniably beneficial. I’m also lucky to have worked with a lovely team who made me feel welcome from the start! My other piece of advice is it’s important to find something that suits you; I turned down a different internship as it just didn’t feel right. I’m now continuing to do freelance work here at The fresh Group in my role as a Digital Account Executive, so who says that hard work doesn’t pay off?


Katherine Orme

Digital Account Executive

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