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Posted on 13th May 2015 in category Work

We are very excited to be able to share our new 2015 Motion Graphics showreel. It showcases a vast array of design and animation styles, all created in-house by our specialist team. Using cutting edge 2D and 3D software packages for all manor of text, logo, and character animations for a wide range of applications.

We always employ a fresh approach from the conception of our initial ideas and storyboarding, right the way through to the final edit.

Taking a logo or a brand and bringing it to life through motion graphics really makes an impression on the target audience. It makes for an engaging and exciting piece of content, tied together with powerful music and sound effects that can take an already amazing piece of design to the next level.

We also use motion graphics to tell stories, whether that’s a brand message or product information, animation is still one of the most attention grabbing mediums out there. With sites like Youtube and Vimeo allowing easy access to video content for all, it is also a very powerful and relavant medium to use in this growing digital age.

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