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Posted on 21st May 2015 in category Culture

Every three months we refresh our social team so that everybody gets a chance to organise events for the rest of our colleagues. We had one more event to arrange before we handed over to the new team.

On the evening of Thursday 26th March the social team decided to go out not with a bang, but with a giggle.

A group of freshers took to the streets of Manchester for a night of laughter at the Frog and Bucket in the Northern Quarter.   With our chilli hotdogs warming our bellies, we prepared for the comedians to take to the stage. Starting off the night was our compere who warmed up the crowd nicely (and quietened the any potential hecklers…) for the 1st performance.

During the evening, we were treated to 3 brillaint comedians who tickled our funny bones, and had us in stitches.   The evening was short and sweet, but definitely the thing we needed to round off the week.

Our Social Team bid a bon voyage to their term of social events, and welcomed in the brand new Social Team. We are looking forward to more exciting events to come!


Jennifer Keenan

Account Executive

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