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Posted on 4th January 2015 in category Business news

As a university student at Manchester Metropolitan studying Events Management, the importance of gaining industry experience alongside studies has been stressed from the start. The ability to apply knowledge to real industry work is essential and therefore evidence of this is something we all compete to gain.

This is viable through our projects module and volunteering at events but by far the most competitive and important of all is the placement year in the industry. As the site states, 54% of employers would rate your chance of gaining a graduate job as ‘not very likely’ without prior experience.

For me, I wanted a placement that would offer a great chance to learn, a variety of events to get involved with and a company with a passion for the industry.

fresh appealed to me for all the above reasons and on top of that because, of their creativity which shone through in their case studies. And so I applied, attended two rounds of interviews and was very pleased when I was offered the placement!

I may only be 5 months in, but I have developed so much more understanding of the events industry from this than my whole first two years in the degree. I have already worked on a great variety of events both pre-production and on-site with my on-site jaunts allowing me to travel to Newcastle, Liverpool and Bath.

The joined-up nature of fresh also provides an excellent learning environment for a placement student; I can now understand how digital, film, content, print and creative elements can be brought into briefs and therefore develop an event concept far beyond the initial expectations of the client.

It is so important for companies to welcome new talent into their industry in order to grow and succeed; I feel that placements work as a mutually beneficial relationship between the student and the company. I know that my year at fresh will be an invaluable first step into the events industry and will build my knowledge, experience and passion for events!

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