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Posted on 8th December 2015 in category Business news

fresh exists to create and deliver inspirational communications that ensure brands achieve their ambitions.

It stands to reason that every business knows what they do. Whether it‘s building houses, providing legal services, designing packaging or, even, putting on events.
Most businesses, or more accurately employees of those businesses, know how they do what they do.

But very few businesses talk about why they exist.

At fresh we believe that the high quality of our award winning work is something our clients should take for granted. We also know that how we create and deliver our work is unique to fresh. However we firmly believe that why we exist, why we all get out of bed every morning, why we work together so effectively and why we share the same goals and aspirations is our single biggest asset, our key differentiator and the main reason why a client should want to work with us.

The whole of fresh has worked together to define our collective ‘why’. We began the process over six months ago, engaging with the entire business through workshops designed to focus on the principles of understanding and communicating our ‘why’, incorporating client feedback on our key strengths, which ultimately resulted in this statement:

We exist to create and deliver inspirational communications that ensure brands achieve their ambitions.

We recognise that all the best relationships we have with our clients share this common thought, we each share the same ‘why’. It’s the shared ambition to achieve results. Starting with ‘why’ is also key to getting under the skin of the motives behind a clients decision to commission each activity and gives us the best measure for how successful the project ultimately is.

Now we’ve articulated our ‘why’ we have also applied it to all fresh marketing. The job of our website – as our shop front – is to give a taste of what’s different about working with fresh. So, rather than just listing all our achievements and latest projects, our site begins with a visual introduction to our why.

If you understand ‘why’ fresh exists and you share the same goal then that’s the single most compelling reason to join up together – whether you’re hoping to join the team or looking to work with us as a client!


Patrick Howells

Managing Director


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