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Co-op Irresistible Pizza

All roads lead to pizza!

We were tasked by our long-standing client, Co-op, to launch the new premium Co-op Irresistible pizza, crafting an ‘Irresistible’ experience that supported product sampling while creating buzz and excitement.

Cosy, authentic Italian aesthetic and ambiance

Getting things baking

We kicked things off by looking at multiple concepts, including our ‘Irresistible’ double decker bus. We then developed this idea into the fully approved concept, our very own ‘Pizzeria on Wheels’.

We wanted something that would create a full customer journey, where we could build anticipation, while giving people the opportunity to indulge in the pizza experience, leading them to “seal the deal” by purchasing in-store. The bus truly ticked all the boxes.

Aiming for a premium feel, we designed and produced everything to align with Co-op’s Irresistible brand, whilst also being tasked with keeping away from the well-known Co-op blue.

The dough becomes the masterpiece

Once concepts were approved and designs were finalised, we transformed the entire upper deck of the bus into a Co-op restaurant. We added warm lighting, Italian pizzeria-style seating and individual small menu boards to enhance the cosy, authentic Italian aesthetic and ambiance.

Keeping in line with the premium Irresistible branding, we wrapped the bus in black with the gold logo and completed with the campaign tagline “Co-op pizza just got more Irresistible”, ensuring the bus captured attention and created memorable photo opportunities.

Everything down to the wallpaper embodied the Irresistible brand, with the inside wallpaper also mirroring the black and gold colours on the exterior, keeping branding consistent throughout.

The outside area was complete with heaters, blankets and candles, extending the cosy feel to the outside, drawing people in on those cold winter days.

Pizza is served

Our Pizzeria on Wheels visited Manchester and London and offered Co-op members an exclusive chance to dine on the bus, ensuring they felt extra special, reaping the benefits of being a Co-op member.

Members got to taste three new pizza flavourings, accompanied by wine pairings or non-alcoholic gin and tonic, providing the premium dine-out experience we were striving for.

This wasn’t merely pizza sampling; it was an experience allowing everyone to taste and savour the exciting new range.

The activation was so popular there were 8,344 slices sampled, 383 new members, 4,638 engagements and 2,364 ‘spin the dough’ spins.

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