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Galaxy AI Roadshow

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Galaxy AI Roadshow

With a new era in AI about to launch for Samsung, it was important their message and new innovative features landed with contact centre advisors – and the best way to do this? Through a hands-on roadshow across the UK and India. Working closely with Samsung’s training team, we created a number of engaging hands-on experiences to build understanding around the Galaxy AI features being released on the Galaxy S24 Series.

We created a number of engaging hands-on experiences to effectively build understanding

Circle to Search with Google

With this new feature you can now simply take a photo, use an image from your gallery or Instagram and circle the item you want to know more about. It was important we showcased the real-life benefits of this feature, so gave advisors the opportunity to explore landmarks across a large photo board and shopping items displayed in our camera-lens themed unit as they tried out this innovative new feature.

Live Translate

We got advisors ears, eyes and hands on with this new Galaxy AI feature that makes it easy to have bi-lingual conversations over the phone. Advisors got to try this feature out in real life, both for calls and messaging, whilst screen content further elevated the benefits.

Nightography Zoom

When it came to the camera, we had two new features to showcase – Nightography Zoom for epic zoomed in shots in low light and Photo Assist for editing. The first was brought to life with an experience where advisors zoomed into an enclosed box with a scene inside, where they revealed a secret message.

An Insta wall then provided the backdrop to capture images for them to edit using the brand-new Photo Assist features.

Following the UK roadshow, we then headed overseas to various locations across India to inspire and upskill even more contact centre advisors through hands-on Galaxy AI experiences.


  • 99.5% of advisors agreed it helped them understand the Galaxy AI features
  • 9.3 average confidence in bringing the product to life
  • 9.65 average likelihood in recommending attending a Samsung Roadshow

Q1 was a huge launch for Samsung with the introduction of Galaxy AI, so the roadshow needed to create a big impact in contact centres, and fresh really delivered through hands-on activities that put the new features front and centre. Creatively and logistically, this has been the best roadshow yet and we’ve had some incredible feedback and results.

Steven Pibworth - Senior Contact Centre Strategy Manager

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