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Co-op summer activations

Creating a summer to remember

With an exciting summer ahead, we teamed up with our longest standing partners, Co-op, to make 2023 one to remember. Below are just some of the activations where we sprinkled some Co-op magic....

...we achieved 7,404 engagements, distributed 4,260 samples and signed up 216 new members.

Bringing feasts to the festivals

Showing our support for local festivals we hosted back-to-back BBQs at the ‘Soho Food Feast’ and MediaCity’s ‘We Invented the Weekend’, celebrating and advertising Co-op’s delicious summer range as well as promoting Member Pricing. Over four days at two summer events, we achieved 7,404 engagements, distributed 4,260 samples, and signed up 216 new members.

From there we embarked on a summer extravaganza at the UK’s largest Foodies Festivals, where our Co-op stands pleased the crowds at Tatton Park & Inverleigh Park, Edinburgh. The bespoke 9mx10m stand felt like a home away from home, with music and samples from the ‘kitchen’ to draw punters over... who were so impressed with the quality of the food, that they left proudly converted Co-op shoppers! And with hundreds of members signed up, it was a job well done.

Our onsite feedback showed that 95.7% of visitors said that due to our activity, they felt encouraged to visit their local Co-op and 96.75% would rate the Co-op food as high quality!

A pride to be proud of

We also had a presence at Pride events in Brighton, London & Manchester, giving out Co-op branded merch and entertaining customers with activities like Spin the Wheel, run by drag artist Vicky Vivacious, the “We’ve Waited too Long” window display and face painting. The live DJ instore was a huge hit, with the Macarena breaking out and circling around stores. In fact the DJ was so well received that at times, the shop floors transformed into dance floors. Our activations gained immense popularity, achieving a significant social reach. For example, Dresslikeamum featured our activity in their Pride reel that reached over 19k views.

Vicky Vivacious

Local pantries for local communities

Our Local Engagement team, as part of Co-op's partnership with your local pantry, have also been working hard to deliver two incredible brand sentiment events that bring communities together and promote local pantries. The turnout for both events was brilliant and our feedback reflected just how successful they were - with 76% of people feeling more positive about the Co-op as a direct result of attending the event, 95% being more likely to recommend Co-op to others’ and 74% knowing more about how Co-op supports their community.

12 points for Co-op

We kicked off an exciting summer of Co-op with our Eurovision store activation in Liverpool. Setting up in multiple Co-op stores across the city, the event was a massive hit, reaching 1.9 million views on social media and marking our largest viral social reach yet.

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