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Currys Mission:Possible

Empowering Currys Colleagues to step up to the mission of reducing damages

Currys came to fresh with a mission to tackle product damage head-on. Working together with the Currys team, the ‘Mission:Possible’ creative campaign emerged. This campaign aimed to raise awareness of product damage and product value, and, through a series of specific ‘mission’ tasks, employees owned the cause of the problems in their area of the product journey and worked together to fix them. So, how did we incorporate all of this into one campaign?

The exciting creative helped to amplify the campaign reach across the business

We started by conceptualising a crack team of six elite agents that would be equipped for the task ahead – a diverse and highly skilled group, each member possessing a unique set of skills that contribute to the team's overall effectiveness in completing the mission. Employees needed to be at the heart of this campaign to drive interest and engagement, so we went out to the business to cast for these roles from a pool of talented and willing colleagues. Having worked with Currys as a client for many years, we knew we wouldn’t struggle to find budding actors within their ranks.

It’s always a pleasure working with Currys colleagues on projects like this, for the photoshoot all it took was the famous film score playing in the background for our agents to fully immerse themselves in character for their roles – you can tell from the final images how much fun was had on the day. Casting real colleagues for the roles made the campaign more approachable when it launched, creating a whirlwind of excitement, engagement and user generated content. Mission Accomplished.

Chris Smith, Creative Director

Filming the action

Our team assembled on set at Currys-GXO Newark campus, home to 1.5 million sq ft of storage and distribution space – as well as the state-of-the-art Currys repair centre, which was a perfect backdrop to set the scene for the campaign.

Over the course of two days, the fresh crew filmed all the scenes required to bring to life the cinematic campaign trailer. Running alongside this, a temporary photography studio was set up, where key campaign hero shots of colleagues were captured.

In the following days, back at the fresh control centre, our own specialist agents (aka our designers and editors) set to work turning the original concept storyboards into an impactful campaign opener, designed to announce the new campaign to the business in an explosive way.

A minute long action-packed trailer was created for the campaign reveal, accompanied by cinema-style posters, which were distributed to more than 300 teams across Currys for the launch.

Onboarding colleagues to amplify the mission

Working with our content team, (non-self-destructing) mission briefing packs were developed, including a video brief from Mission HQ, designed to build on the awareness generated by the visual campaign assets and convert that positive sentiment into engagement and action from colleagues.

The exciting creative helped to amplify the campaign reach across the business, with each mission pack designed to encourage UGC content to be shared on Currys internal comms channels, tapping into the competitive nature of colleagues who are always looking to outdo their peers.

The result

Engagement data points to mission success, with over 6,400 views of the launch video and 87,000+ views of campaign and UGC content on Workplace. And there are positive signs that this campaign has helped to improve product handling, awareness of product value, and reduce damage. The missions will continue into 2024.

Just a note to say a huge thank you for your creativity and support to bring this crazy idea to life! The first Mission:Possible campaign has been a huge success. The creative helped generate truly interactive colleague briefings for the tailored missions we set across Currys. We needed this campaign to cut through the noise of so many other colleague comms, and it’s fair to say we nailed it! Thousands of colleagues took part. The fun and dynamic visuals had a huge impact, and there’s so much love for the videos. We’re beginning to see the engagement and excitement generate positive behaviour change… roll on the next mission!

David Manning, Senior Internal Communications Manager, Currys

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